Greg La Follette

Greg La Follette, Lucinda & Millie’s winemaker, has received widespread critical acclaim. His winemaking experiences at Beaulieu Vineyard, Flowers Winery and Jarvis, to name a few, have enabled him to develop an extensive grape grower network, allowing him to secure the best grapes of the North Coast and Mendocino County.


  • Earned a double BA in Plant Biology and Chemistry from CSU Northridge, and a Masters in Food Science and Technology at UC Davis.
  • In 1991, Greg left Davis for Beaulieu Vineyard where he was research viticulturist/enologist with wine master André Tchelistcheff.
  • Hired on as winemaker and general manager for Flowers Vineyard & Winery in 1996.
  • Joined Lucinda and Millie in 2011 as Consulting Winemaker.


  • Greg believes in what the French call ”elevage,” or, to raise—gently nurturing a wine along through its various stages, starting in the vineyard.
  • His winemaking mission: to make beautifully balanced wines exhibiting finesse.
  • Innovative Winemaker: Phase Picking, Acacia Barrels, unique Blends.

Greg La Follette,